Leslie Marshall

Analyste politique,
Contributeur régulière au Huffington Post,
Animateur de plusieurs émissions Fox News

Leslie Marshall is a Political Analyst, Fox News Contributor, Radio Talk Host & Writer for The Huffington Post Political Blog Leslie is one of the Fox News Contributors who provides Political Analysis from a liberal point of view. She is seen regularly on:”The OReilly Factor,” “Hannity,” “Special Report with Bret Baier;” weekly on “America’s Newsroom,” “America’s News Headquarters, ”Happening Now” on Fox News Channel and weekly on “Lou Dobbs,” “Varney & Co,” “Intelligence Report with Trish Regan,” “After The Bell” on Fox Business Channel. Leslie has also co hosted “The Five “ and “Outnumbered” on Fox.

As for radio, Leslie was the youngest woman to be nationally syndicated in talk radio; her radio career spans nearly 30 years. She has worked in the New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, Miami, Houston, Sacramento, Cleveland, Milwaukee, West Palm Beach & Buffalo radio markets. Her current program is her second time in syndication and has been running for more than a decade.